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  Why You Need a REALTOR®

Why you need a REALTOR® to Sell your House

While it may be tempting, and seem as if you could save money, the reality is, a REALTOR® does more for you than you realize to sell your home for the price you want.

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  Downsizing House

4 Reasons Downsizing Might be Right for You

There may come a time when the right size is a downsize! Take a look at these 4 reasons on whether downsizing might be right for you.

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  Budget Friendly Decorating Tips

Budget Friendly Decorating Tips for First-Time Buyers

Just purchased your first home? Try some of these budget friendly decorating tips to create a beautifully decorated house that looks warm and inviting without going into debt.

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  Depersonalizing your House

The Importance of Depersonalizing your House to Sell

It is hard work getting a house ready for sale. This is especially true if you are still living in it. However, all that hard work can pay off if you stage your home to sell.

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  Must-Know Details on Home Inspections

The Must-Know Details on Home Inspections

If you are in the process of buying, sooner or later you may start to have some questions about “what are home inspections” and “how can they benefit you”.

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  Open Houses Still Relevant

Are Open Houses Still Relevant?

Is having open houses with your real estate agent still relevant in an era where online photo galleries and video tours make it easier for buyers to view properties for sale?

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