Why you need a REALTOR® to Sell your House

Why You Need a REALTOR®
Published on May 31, 2018

In the age of online advertising, increased social media exposure, and an increase in the DIY mentality. People are questioning whether they could apply it all to their house sale rather than using a REALTOR®. Should you advertise online using your own social media presence through Facebook and Instagram, or go through a “for sale by owner” agency to put your house on the market? While it may be tempting, and seem as if you could save a bit of money. The reality is, a REALTOR® does more for you than you realize to sell your home for the price you want.

A REALTOR® will Evaluate and Price your House

Let us start with the basics. A professional REALTOR® is going to be able to give you an honest evaluation of your house and what it is worth. A professional is the best person to have helping you choose the list price for your home. The price is a big deal when it comes to selling homes and the last thing you want is to take less than what your house is worth or have it sit on the real estate market for an extended period of time because you priced it too high.

A REALTOR® will list your Home to get more Exposure

While you may have a lot of friends on Facebook your house is not likely going to attract the right attention unless it is properly listed in a real estate database. These are the places that home buyers come to look at properties for sale, as well as investors, and other real estate agents. Leaving your house off of these sites, will negatively affect your ability to successfully find a buyer.

A REALTOR® will address the Real Estate Legalities

As you would likely expect, there are a lot of legalities in the background of a real estate deal. It is common for many home owners not to be aware of all the small details involved in a real estate transaction. This is due to the fact that a REALTOR® typically handles them as part of their standard practice. Things such as legally drafted contracts, the legal exchange of money, fees and taxes levied on properties from the government. Many of these processes are complicated and heavily detailed. You could find yourself in a lot of trouble later on if not followed legally. Most real estate agents have a strong working relationship with a local lawyer that specializes in real estate law. It is best to leave all the real estate legalities to the professionals!

Finding the right REALTOR®

Most REALTORS® have a set boundary area where they work, assisting buyers and sellers in that region. Because they spend so much time there and have worked on selling so many properties; they know the neighbourhoods inside and out! A local REALTOR® will know the type of clientele that live there and those that are searching for houses in the area. They also know the price range people are willing to pay. As well as the reasonable market value you should expect to receive. All of these are factors that work in your favour to help you sell your house.

From being able to price the house properly. Advertise it correctly to draw in the ideal market. Use their connections to potentially help you find buyers out of the area. Working with the right REALTOR® is no brainer! Without a real estate agent you are severely disadvantaged right from the start. To get started, find yourself a REALTOR® that you connect with and that will maximize your chances for success.

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