How to Stage Kids Room when Selling your Home

How to Stage Kids Room
Published on January 15, 2021

Are you currently renovating your home with the intend of selling your home? You may be wondering what to do with my child’s bedroom. Here are a few suggestions on how to Stage that Kids Room when selling your home.

This space needs to be appropriate for your children until you sell. This means you need to figure out how to make sure it is still desirable for prospective buyers.

Keep it Colour-Neutral

One of the best thing you can do to stage kids room is to keep it neutral. Gender-themed rooms are a decor trend of the past that many people do not go for anymore. Colours like olive-green, grey-blue, and pastel yellow are great options. They cater to a much wider audience when painted these colours.

It would be best to opt for pieces with little embellishments made from calming materials. Such as teak and other light woods for furniture. The furniture and wall colours are two more permanent design elements, keeping them neutral. Adding personality with smaller accents is a great way to keep the room ready for selling.

Hidden Toy Storage

Most families know that if there is anything kids accumulate, it’s toys. Toys are bound to build up around your home in your child’s early years. It can be hard to make sure everything is tucked away and neat when it comes time for selling. While you can concentrate the mess to the child’s room, you will have to show this room to prospective buyers.

A great way to prevent the mess from overwhelming house-hunters is to install hidden toy storage. Whether it is drawers under your child’s bed or cabinets in their closet, these storage spaces are going to serve two purposes. They will be ideal for tucking away your child’s things when buyers come for viewings and serve as additional storage for whoever ends up buying the house and using the bedroom.

Removable Artboards

While you may want your home to have personality, personality can deter buyers when it comes to selling. A buyer that can see the traces of your life all over the house, may have a tough time envisioning their own life in your space. In your kids room, if your child’s art is all over the walls, it can take away from the structural elements that should entice buyers. If you want to prevent buyers from being distracted by artwork or other touches of personality, you can install some cork boards on the wall or other types of artboards.

As you can easily remove these from the walls and replace them with a neutral mirror when buyers come for viewings, they are the ideal choice when renovating your child’s bedroom. Rather than mark up the walls with nail holes and tacks, you can attach the art onto this board. You may find this useful for other areas of your home if your child’s artwork adorns multiple rooms’ walls.

Figuring out how to decorate a house that you will soon be leaving can be challenging. While you still want the space to be stylish, you don’t want to go over the top with distinct and personal choices as they will not cater to a broader audience.

For your child’s bedroom, choosing neutral colours are going to be the best way to prevent personality from clouding a buyer’s decision. As you will also want to keep toys out of sight, having a hidden storage space will ensure the space is clean for viewings. With removable artboards, you can rest assured that your walls will remain in good shape before your departure.

If Selling is on the Horizon

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