Renovating your House before Selling

Renovating Your House
Published on July 16, 2018

If you are getting ready to sell and have some looming house renovations or repairs to take care of, you may be wondering whether you should do them before you sell or simply put your house on the real estate market. Here is why it might be worth renovating your house before you put it up for sale.

Decrease the risk of problems during House Inspections

When a new potential owner comes to your house and conducts a viewing or goes through your home during an open house, one of the first things they may plan to do is a home inspection. During a home inspection, the buyer will hire a certified inspector to go through the house and assess its suitability before moving in. If you have done your house renovations before hand, you will avoid potential issues in regards to things that need to be replaced, such as plumbing, doors and window seals, or safety considerations in the kitchen and bathroom.

Improve Open House First Impressions

A recently renovated, modernized area of the home, especially in an important room such as the bathroom or kitchen, will look very appealing when home buyers walk through your house. They will be impressed with the new additions you have added or the things you have changed. Not only does this look good when they see your house, but it will also likely leave them inspired. They will see the potential in your house and see where there are opportunities for additional renovations to make the house even better and making them excited to make the purchase final and move in.

Increase the Value by Renovating your House

If you carry out substantial house renovations, such as the kitchen or adding on a deck to the home, you will likely have the added benefit of increasing its value. Renovations typically ensure you have updated appliances and modernized features. This allows you to put a higher price on your home and bring it more in line with the price tag of newer houses on the real estate market, even if yours is a few years older. You can further benefit from increased home value by adding in energy savings options, such as solar panels or environmentally friendly water and heating systems.

Allow for Modernization

Take advantage of renovating your house in advance of selling, to modernize your home. An older home, with rustic charm can be attractive to home buyers if it has modern components and feels streamline, upgraded and reformed. Even if you opt to do a few things in each room, such as get rid of all the carpet throughout the home, put new cabinetry in the kitchen and put in a new updated shower in the guest bathroom. All of these things require less time than a large room renovation but could allow for big benefits in your sale.

Once your renovations are complete and you are ready to list your house in a fast paced real estate market, simply get in touch with a REALTORĀ® in your area. They would be more than happy to help you list your house for the best price possible.

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