The 3 Benefits of Selling in the Winter

Selling in the Winter
Published on December 12, 2018

Most homeowners tend to put their houses on the market during the spring or summer. This is often due to the nicer weather, longer days and greener grass. The spring and summer seasons are undoubtedly great for selling a home, however, many homeowners tend to forget the benefits of selling in the winter. Although it may not be as warm and sunny, there are a number of great benefits.

Less Crowded Real Estate Market

As mentioned earlier, spring and summer are the popular seasons for selling homes. This leads to an over-saturated real estate market. There is a higher chance that more homeowners are selling in your neighborhood during this time of the year. By selling homes in the winter, a house becomes more noticeable; this is thanks to the lack of competition. This can make the entire selling process quicker and easier and really give you an advantage.

Get More for Less

Homeowners always want to get as much as possible out of their old homes; this allows them to spend more on their new one. This can be difficult in the spring and summer when the competition is at an all-time high. However, houses that are sold from December through March sell at an above average price. This may be due to the fact that some people feel more urgent to move in the winter. That sense of urgency can help motivate buyers to make decisions quicker, which can ultimately work in favour of the seller.

Aesthetic Appeal

Many homeowners like to show off both the interior and exterior of their home during the spring and summer. The lack of snow allows potential buyers to see the house in all of its glory. However, there is something aesthetically pleasing about the exterior of a home after a fresh, winter snowfall.

A winter snowfall can add an ambiance to the exterior of your home. The cold snow is also the perfect reason to make a home warm and inviting to potential buyers. Be sure to turn the heat up to a comfortable temperature and have a tasteful amount of warm lighting. This will make the home seem more welcoming to potential buyers and possibly increase the chances of getting an offer.

Despite the fact that spring and summer are great seasons for selling a home, it is beneficial for homeowners to know the positives of selling in the winter. During the winter, the real estate market is less crowded. This makes a home more noticeable, while also lowering the amount of competition that you have when making offers. Homeowners are also able to get more for less when they sell in the winter. There is also something magical about a home after a fresh winter snowfall. All of these factors are great reasons for homeowners to consider preparing their homes for a winter sell.

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