Buying Real Estate in the Suburbs

Buying Real Estate in the Suburbs
Published on September 7, 2018

Whether you are tired of the traffic, need more space, or just looking to get away from all the city noise. There are many reasons to leave the city and move to a smaller town. In fact, the reasons in support of living in suburbia even go so far as to help you live longer. Here is what you need to know about buying real estate in the suburbs.

Increased Green Space

Whether it is because you have a beautiful backyard or you are near the local trails. There is far more green space available in the suburbs for family exercise. Suburban areas and small towns have parks and recreation areas for families and children. Trails are often family friendly, with gravel paths that are perfect for bike riding, running, and walking. If you have a dog, the increase of green space is ideal for letting it run around and dog-friendly parks are a game changer when it comes to helping your dog burn off all that pent-up energy!

Improved Family Time

The green space is just one of the many ways that living in suburbia improves your time together as a family. Taking the kids to the park, hanging out at the playground, or meeting up with other community members for a game of tag enhances family bonding and relationships. More than this though, the suburbs give you a chance to be out of the hustle and bustle of the city and come to a place that is calm and quiet. When you do, you can decompress from the day, spend time with your partner and children outside and feel like you are in a world all your own!

Less Air and Noise Pollution

When you live away from the city, you have less exposure to air pollution. Living away from packed roads and freeways, means there are fewer fine particles and gas emitted by traffic and this reduces the chance of damage to the lungs. Studies of shown that continued exposure to air pollution is responsible for an average loss of six months life expectancy.

Both noise pollution and air pollution are a relevant issue when living in the city, and moving away from this has many positive benefits. Less noise pollution allows you to sleep better at night. Enhanced sleep has been implicated in several studies which show it has a role in improving mood, decreasing irritability, fostering better mental health and optimizing focus and brain function. All of these allow you to perform better at work and show up as a better partner or parent at home.

Buying Real Estate in the Suburbs with a Qualified REALTOR®

Are you ready to leave the city behind and purchase real estate in the suburbs? Use the services of a qualified real estate agent to help you find that ideal neighbourhood outside the city limits is the best way to find a property that suits you and your family.



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