How to make Common Spaces Cozy in your Home

How to make Common Spaces Cozy in your Home
Published on November 28, 2020

The family room and the living room can be some of the most important spaces in your home. These are the areas where most people tend to spend the most time, especially when they’re relaxing or looking for entertainment. Because people are spending more time indoors during the COVID-19 pandemic, making these spaces comfortable and inviting is an important part of making any house a home. After all, these are the areas where people spend the most time with their family members or roommates, especially on those chilly winter days. Looking for some strategies to keep your common spaces cozy? We’ve got you covered.

Aim for Ultimate Comfort

Creating common spaces cozy in your house or condo should be spaces where you can kick back and relax, so making them as comfortable as possible is important. The first obvious step towards comfort is investing in some new furniture. Some homeowners go for looks over comfort when they’re picking out chairs and couches, but having a stylish couch doesn’t do much good if no one wants to sit in it!

Getting a chair or couch that has built-in controls for footrests and reclining is always a great idea. Comfort can be found in the details, so make sure you have some soft blankets and throw pillows on-hand, and consider creating a slipper basket that is always full of cozy footwear. Having a gas fireplace can also add a lovely atmosphere — and a bit of warmth — to any common space.

Don’t be Afraid to Invest

Now is the perfect time to put some money towards making your home the best it can be. Many families have been cancelling vacations and postponing plans, so why not spend some of that saved money on your home? Whether it’s browsing listings for sale and making a real estate purchase or sprucing up the house you already own, you won’t regret having a beautiful, comfortable space to spend time in.

Seek Entertainment

Making common spaces cozy is just as important as making them comfortable and fun. Most people centre their family room layout based on the location of the TV, which is a practical strategy. Consider what technological toys you might want in your house: a flat screen, surround sound speakers, or maybe a PlayStation 5? Whatever entertainment options you choose, the common spaces are the ideal place for them.

Don’t forget to include some old school entertainment options — books, cards, and board games are always fun for the whole family. There are plenty of storage options for these items, and you can work some stylish bookcases or a coffee table that features some storage space underneath into your family room design.

Some people get so excited about entertainment that they create a whole room just for this purpose. Creating your very own games room can be a lot of fun and it allows more space for larger entertainment options such as a pool, ping pong, or Foosball. For homeowners who love nostalgia, some old traditional arcade machines can be fun. Establishing a games room in the basement can be an exciting way to provide children with their own common space, allowing the adults to enjoy some alone time in the family room every once in a while.

Be Creative

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to making the common spaces in your home unique. Having a smart speaker can be an exciting addition! They don’t just provide entertainment — they can also make everyday tasks around the house easier. Try out some smart lights for hands-free control. And of course, common spaces don’t have to be limited to the indoors. Creating a comfortable outdoor living space can provide you with a fantastic alternative to relax during the summer months.

If your current home doesn’t have enough room for the common spaces you’re looking for, don’t worry — now is still the perfect time to stage your home while looking for a new house or condo that will suit your needs.

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