Homeowners End-of-Winter Maintenance Checklist

End of Winter Maintenance Checklist
Published on March 7, 2020

Spring offers warmer and longer days and brings to mind trees and bushes growing new leaves. It’s also the perfect time to go house hunting. As a result, homeowners will often opt to wait until springtime to put their house on the real estate market, despite the benefits of selling in the winter. In order to stand out from the competition, homeowners need to keep their houses in tip-top shape by adding these three items to their winter maintenance checklist.

Homeowners who are planning on selling in the spring should start their preparations in the winter. To keep things organized, it is wise for the homeowner to write an end-of-winter maintenance checklist. This will ensure that the home looks beautiful and that there are no expensive surprises down the road.

Keep an Eye Out for Cracks

One of the worst aspects of winter are the damages it causes in certain areas of the home. A common issue is cracking, which is often caused by rapid temperature changes. Areas of the home that are prone to cracks include the foundations, walkways, and patios. Before the spring weather hits and the snow begins to melt, homeowners need to fill in all of the cracks they can find. If they have the time, it is worthwhile for the homeowner to examine the slope of any walks or patios that they have.

Clean Out the Gutters

Before winter hits, it is important that homeowners clean out their gutters. However, many homeowners will either overlook the importance of this task or lose motivation because of the cold weather. Cleaning the gutters have multiple benefits, including making the house look more appealing and minimizing the chances of water damage due to an overflow.

Fix any Broken Windows

During an open house, nothing can turn a potential buyer off more than a broken window. Seeing a broken window can lead the potential buyer to wonder if there are other damaged features in the home. It can also make them question the overall quality of the home. To ensure this doesn’t happen, homeowners need to fix any broken windows. Homeowners who can’t or don’t have the time to do this should call for professional assistance. Even though it may cost a little bit of money, the investment is worth every cent.

Every homeowner planning on selling in the spring should have an end-of-winter checklist handy. At the top of this checklist should be tasks like inspecting the home for cracks, cleaning out the gutters, and fixing broken windows. Although these can be time-consuming, they are extremely beneficial. Completing these simple, yet essential, tasks will make a home look more appealing. It will also minimize the chances of any avoidable issues from arising.

To learn more about the tasks that homeowners need to do at the end of the winter, be sure to get in contact with your local real estate agent.

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