Home Maintenance Tasks to Increase Property Value

Increase Property Value
Published on May 7, 2020

Right now is the perfect time to get up and complete various maintenance tasks increase property value. These projects will not only make an instant impression on potential buyers, but they can also increase your home’s value as well. Here are several maintenance tasks that will not only create a beautiful and impressive property, but will boost your property value.

Complete Basic Landscaping Tasks

A well-maintained yard is a simple way to increase property value. You do not have to hire a professional landscaper to create a gorgeous landscaped yard either. By performing simple landscaping tasks, it will create an instant impression on potential buyers that drive up to your home. A few basic landscaping tasks you should complete include:

  • Mow and trim the grass
  • Water the grass regularly and care for any dead spots
  • Plant fresh flowers to add some colour to your landscaping
    Trim the trees
  • Law down fresh mulch in the flower beds
  • Pull weeds

Update Your Front Porch

Your front porch is an important aspect of your home. If this area of your house is not well cared for, it will make potential buyers less enthused to look at the remainder of your home. Updating this area doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming either. Simple tasks such as sweeping the porch, laying down a new welcome mat, and placing a planter of flowers near the door are each going to make a difference.

When updating your front porch area, pay attention to your front door. Could your door use a little TLC? If your door is old, consider a new product. If it is structurally sound but worn out, consider painting it a dark colour. According to a Zillow Colour report, a door that is a shade of black can boost your home’s value by approximately $6,000.

Replace Old Light Fixtures

Old light fixtures can not only consume a substantial amount of energy, but they can also be eyesores. They can make a home appear old and outdated very quickly. Look around both the interior and exterior of your property and replace all old, outdated fixtures. If you are feeling a little intimidated by installing these new products, hire a professional to help. Luckily, however, many of these products are very simple to install and you can replace numerous light fixtures in an afternoon.

Install New Windows

Do the windows on your house have aluminum or wooden frames? If so, it is time to update these items for more energy-efficient models. Replacing old and outdated windows will not only save you money on your monthly energy bills, but it will also improve the cosmetic appearance in both the exterior and interior of your home. Many homeowners put off this home improvement task for as long as possible because of the high costs. However, these updates can return up to 77% of their initial cost.

Update the Bathroom

If your budget allows, you may consider a bathroom renovation. When you put your home on the real estate market, even the smallest updates to the bathroom can help to sell the home quickly and increase the amount of money you make. You don’t have to do complete bathroom remodels either to see a difference. Replacing old flooring, swapping out an unattractive vanity, updating the lighting, etc., are all going to help make an impression in this space and increase your home’s value.

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