Budget Friendly Decorating Tips for First-Time Buyers

Budget Friendly Decorating Tips
Published on May 13, 2018

For many first-time buyers, it is safe to say that lavish spending after buying that first house may not be within their budget. The cost of owning a home is always more than the purchased price. From lawyers, home inspections, to moving trucks, there are many hidden costs involved that add up and by the time you move in there may not be enough in the budget to allow for decorating and furnishing that first home. But despite the need to be a little bit wary of unnecessary spending and rein in outgoing cash. You can still have a beautifully decorated house that looks warm, loved, and inviting! Try adopting some of these budget friendly decorating tips and techniques to furnish your first home without going into debt.

The Minimalist Approach

Room decorating has reached a place in time where less is more. Many of the current, decorating themes adopt the minimalist approach, especially with this year’s warm minimalism trend. By embracing less clutter, fewer things, and a more restrained decorating approach, helps keep things budget-friendly. Choose one focal statement piece for each room. Fill in the rest of the room with simple décor that contrasts the statement piece; while simultaneously helping tie the room together with the other pieces you select. For example, if the statement piece in your living room is a vintage table, complete the ensemble with a simple lamp or a succulent plant.

Play to the Natural Features found in the Home

Does your new home have an exposed brick wall? Maybe the floors in the house are quite old and rustic looking.  When a house already has a natural appealing feature, accentuating that and making it the star of the show is a great way to emphasize the room and simply use what is already there. Brick walls are an eye-catching component to any room of the house, so do not put something else in the room that will take the attention elsewhere. Likewise, old floor boards within a home add a lot of charm to a room. They are meant to be highlighted and not covered up!

Back to Nature

There is a reason we are seeing succulents, cacti, and essential oils pop up all over social media. They are a budget friendly addition to any room that can completely revitalize a space, creating a welcoming, calming energy and improving your mood. Consider creating a plant oasis in your living space, where you need to be able to have a place of quiet and concentration. You can do it relatively frugally by purchasing a few plants and cacti to start you off, propagating them as you want more, and finding some inexpensive leaf and flower prints to hang on the walls. Add in some candles and an oil diffusers and your back to nature nook is complete!

Budget Friendly Decorating Tips without going into Dept

Don’t let the added expense of decorating the first home make you feel you have to re-live your college dorm days. Instead of having empty walls, recycled furniture, and eating off paper plates. Spend the time shopping around for furniture bargains to make the house look loved and lived in. There are no rules that says after purchase that home it needs to be decorated within the first 6 months. Try utilizing these budget friendly decorating tips to avoid going into dept.

Still looking for that perfect first house to purchase and put these new decorating abilities to use? Get started by finding out how to shop for that first home in today’s real estate market.

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